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Sharing Images:How to earn

bruce lee

You might have noticed how many of your friends are earning from sharing images. You might wonder what it is all about.

Well this is what it is all about.Just imagine you take a nice picture of the sun setting by the lakeside. Your picture is a very good and you want to share it with your friends. You can do that in many ways. You can email them the pictures directly or you can make use of a picture hosting website.Now there are three types of pic-hosting websites.

Paid Imagehosting - In this kind of website you will have to pay to upload and share your images. There will be no ads displayed and your pictures will be safest in this website.

Free Imagehosting - In this type of imagehosts you can upload and share your pictures for free. But along with the images the website will display a small amount of advertisement. This is how they will pay for the bandwidth and webspace costs.

Free Imagehosting that pays YOU - This is the kind of imagehosts we are more interested in. Here you upload images and share them with your friends for free. But what is better the website will PAY YOU for hosting your pics on their site and sharing them with you friends. But the problem is that many ads will be displayed along with the pictures.

Now if you go for a tour and want to share the photos you have taken you can use the third type of imagehosting. They will allow you to share the photos as well as make a small amount of money for yourself. All you have to do is to sign up for a free account with that imagehost and upload your pics using that account. Then send the links for the image gallery or album with the photos in it to your friend and when he or she opens the photos you will earn money.

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Make Money With Sharedimages

bruce lee

Sharedimages is a very nice site which will help you to earn money very rapidly indeed. It is just like any other image hosting site but actually pays you to upload and share your images.

It pays for uploading and sharing any type of images. (That means you can upload even adult content and earn money. )

The uploaded images are classified as Safe for work (SFW) and Not Safe for Work (NSFW) images.

If you upload a SFW Image and someone visits that image you get 1 point.

If you upload a NFSW Image and someone visits that image you get 0.75 points

When you signup using the link I give, you will get 1500 points for FREE!!!

When you accumulate 7500 points you can cashout 5$

Payments are made both by paypal and egold

The site pays 1$ per 1500 points and that is the highest payout rate in this type of website
This site is allowes in all forums, messageboards and blogs presently.

You can join this great image hosting site by clicking here

IMPORTANT You must join this site as soon as possible. I have heard a rumour that they are going to stop the bonus 1$ they are giving for signing up. So if you want a dollar for FREE, you must join soon. Also the promotional period of this site wont be long. Once the promotional period is over you wont be able to earn this much from this site.


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How To Achieve Top Google Position

bruce lee

Actually page ranking is a different thing. And achieving top position for google search results is some thing different.

High Page Ranking?
If you want to get a high page rank. then you just need to get plenty of quality back links.

A quality back link must have 3 important characteristics.
1) It should be from a high page ranked web page. Say PR4+
2) The backlinks should come from a web page that is related to the subject of your web page. For example if your site is about SEO articles then the back link should come from the same type of site, say SEO tools web page etc.
3) The anchor text of the back link should be related to keywords of your web page.

If you are getting 30 Pr2 links then you will be well ranked within few weeks.

High Google Search Position
If your page rank is good say PR4, does it means that your site will be shown in the top position of google search for your keywords?

Absolutely not!!!

This is just one factor that is considered by the google.

For example search this term on google:
"Improve google Rank by driving Traffic"

See what you see in top 1st position?

The top 2 results are http://www.cleararticles.com/

This site has PR0

The third and 4th result sits have PR2

The 5th site has no page rank at all

So you see that a site with PR0 was at the top for certain keywords, while sites with PR2 were at lower positions.

Yes you go it. Highest page rank does not mean that you will be at top most position for your keywords.

My Experience
In the last 2 months i did SEO of 2 sites and made them at Google position #1 for some hot keywords(medium level keywords).

I didnot add any backlinks. I just worked for Onsite optimization.

Here is How it Works
When your page is indexed by the google. It analyse your website's contents, navigation structure, outbound links, keywords density etc.

After analysing a page, Google tries to identify what are you presenting on your webpage.

Then Google assigns the keywords (or combination of keywords) for which your site is giving some information. Remember that Google dont consider what have you written in KEYWORDS tag for assigning keywords to your website. Keywords assigned to your website from Google may be entirely different from the keywords, that you placed in your KEYWORDS meta tag.

After assigning keywords. Google assigns a position for your keywords. This is the real game for which every body is worried

Main Onsite Factors For Getting Top Position For your Google Assigned Keywords

a) Remember the important places of your web page.
These are TITLE, KEYWORDS, ALT, H!..H6, BOLD, PARAGRAPH, etc. In these places you must include the keyword phrases for which you want to highly ranked.

b)First paragraph in your body is very important for google. Here you should give the comprehensive and detailed information for your topic. Disperse your keywords here in a good ratio, like 8%.

c)The alt tags of all images must be used. Use the keywords here in natural style.

d) You can bold the keywords in all your body content. This tell google that these words are important words and google will take these words to consider as keywords with good rank.

e) The keywords should be dispersed in your content in natural style. Natural ratio of keywords is like 5-10%. More than this may be called spamming by google.

f) The webpage navigation must be simple and easy for users and machines (google). From any page of your website, you must be able to access any other page of your website with 3 clicks at the maximum.

g) Your content should have outbound links where needed.

h) You must link your internal, other pages of your website, in your page's content. This will ensure faster indexing of your website too.

i) YOu must create a page called sitemap.html,listing the names with links of all pages of you website. This factor will give you some more points by Google.

j) The name of the page must be descriptive and should contain your keywords. For example "what-is-seo.html". Here "seo" is your keyword.

k) Don't use the much images. Fewer images are good for well placing in search engines. Also full flash sites are poorely ranked due to less information retrieval by google. Mostly text is a good idea. Google can parse text well.

In conclusion: 

A simple formula is:

High Page Rank = How other websites rank your website

High Search Rank = How Search Engines Rank your website for some keywords.