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Social Media Will Help You Blogging

bruce lee

Social Media websites are a great way to drive traffic to your blog and make contacts with other bloggers.

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What is Google Pagerank and How Does it Work?

bruce lee

Pagerank is an important component in the algorithm that Google uses when deciding how "relevant" a site is compared to the search words that are being used.

It is fairly simple to determine what pageranking your site has - just go to Google-pagerank and type in the URL of your site.

Pagerank goes from 0 - 10 with 10 being the best. Pagerank is worked out by how many good quality sites are linked in to yours and how many good quality sites you link out to. It is not just a matter of having 100's of links, the quality of the site determines the weight of each link, linking to "bad" sites can actually penalize you. (i.e if your page links to sites under penalty or ban, this can negatively impact the linking page’s search ranking.)

If your website has a pagerank of 0 there is no reason to be concerned, you will still show up in Googles search results, however you just may not rank as highly as other similar sites that have been around for longer and may have a better network of quality links.

The best way to improve your Google Pagerank is to provide links to quality content sites, and have good content sites link back to you - lots of them!

More information at Google by clicking here.
More Reading on Pagerank... click here.

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Using ClickBank To Make Money

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Using ClickBank To Make Money is not as difficult as it might sound.

If you are getting into the business of blogging for profit or even if you just really want to recommend a great book you found, you should definitely check this out. First, ClickBank sells eBooks and informational guides. Secondly, they pay you by referring other people.

eBooks and Informational Guides

When you want expert advice it's usually pretty hard to find, especially when it comes to making money online. If you can find an expert, great! But for those of us who aren't so lucky, we like dummy guides or eBooks that can give us step-by-step instructions on how to get money flowing into our accounts.

So if you wanted to become a profit blogger, you would probably want to go out and buy some book. If you found the book interesting, you'd probably want to tell other people about it in your blog. So if you're going to do that, you might as well make a bit of profit from it, right? Of course!
The hardest part is getting people to believe you, but just make sure you recommend things that don't suck and people will naturally trust in you to be the middle man.

ClickBank is the middle man's best friend in this case. All you have to do is sign up and find the particular guide(s) you want people to purchase and put the correct link in your blog and voila! You are generating income by helping people!

You can earn anywhere from 1% to 75% commission on a single sale at a maximum of $100 commission per sale. Typically, people will offer 75% so you're okay here.


As I stated earlier, ClickBank is also a referral service. If you want other people to have similar success with their blogs and you help them out, why not profit from that, too?

According to ClickBank's FAQ, you will get 20% of the activation charge (20% of 49.95 or $9.99) and you will get 5% of the markup on any sale they generate in the future. You get enough of these babies going and you won't have to worry about much.


ClickBank is very simple to use and best of all, it's no risk to you or anyone else so people will trust it just like I do. So give it a shot, and start using ClickBank to make money!

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Article Marketing - Another way to build Website Traffic

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Writing articles is a great way to help create traffic to your website. Here is an example:Ezine Articles.

They don't pay anything to you for the article, however they do allow you to include quite a bit of self promotion down the bottom of the piece that you submit to them. (It is best not to try and abuse the actual article content, tempting as it may be to fill it full of links to your site, they will simply not allow it to be published.)

The articles are checked by humans, and it takes a few days for them to be approved. They have some fairly reasonable standards that must be adhered to, or your article may be rejected until you fix it up.

They also provide logos once you have been approved, that you can display alongside any articles that were published by them.

Certainly a great idea if you are looking to build long term traffic, and quality links to your website.

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To make it Blogging, you need a Dream

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When you are trying to make money online you need to have a dream. When things get tough you need to focus on that dream and just plough on. It really is as simple as that. Most sites don't make it online, because they give up. If you want to make it you must not give up, you need to post articles when you feel like watching TV, you need to be promoting your site and swapping links when your mates are out having a good time.

Imagine not having to go to work everyday and instead sharing your ideas and plans with millions of like minded people around the world? We really are at the dawn of a new age, if you said to someone ten years ago that you made a living by blogging they would probably lock you up!

Now it can be a reality, however it still involves a lot of hard work, the problem with blogging is that at the beginning the hard work is in no way rewarded financially, however down the line this changes. It is like investing in ones future, however there are no promises of success just glimmers of hope at times.

For some the knowledge that every week spent working on their blog brings them closer to their hopes and dreams is enough reward.

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Ways to raise your traffic

bruce lee

If you are going to earn money by blogging, high traffic is the one most important thing you should try to achieve.With high traffic to your blog you have a lot of readers , you will get higher page rank and you will receive better offers from advertisers.

So, how do you raise traffic to your blog? For the past few days I have been searching the internet for a few suggestions on this topic.

Content is king! You need to provide your readers with quality content. If your blog are filled with quality content, your readers will come back to you. Make sure to update your blog often. Preferably every day, but if you cant make that, try to update it at least two or three times a week.

Promote your blog. To build readership you need to promote your blog, people must be aware of it. Good places to promote your blog is message boards, If you have a signature, include your link in your signature.

Search engines. Go ahead and submit your blog at search engines like google.com and yahoo.com.

You need other blogs and websites to link to you. Find related blogs and ask them kindly to exchange links with you. Do not expect other blogs to link to you if you do not link to them, so make sure to link back to them.

Join a blogging community. MyBlogLog is a great place to do this.

It is important to remember that it will take time to raise your traffic, this will take weeks and months, but do not give up. You need to wait patiently and keep working on your blog.

As far as I understand Google Pagerank only updates once every 3 months. But you can check your predicted page rank.

Good luck on raising your traffic and pagerank. Remember Content is king!

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When You Have No Idea About What to Write...

bruce lee

So you're writing good, quality blogs everyday. You have a strong readership. You sit down at your computer, take a sip of your favorite drink. But you can't think of what to write. What you should do then? Here are some tips:

Your Comments - Look at the comments your readers have left you. Somewhere inside those comments are inspiration for to take and run with.

Visit Other People's Blogs - If it is a random blog, or a favorite blog, looking at other blogs will help you generate ideas immensely. Don't just read the posts, read the comments.

Visit Websites - Look at news websites, find a story, and stick your opinion into it.

Make a Top 10 List. Make it about quotes from a TV show, or something else that has to do with your blog.

Go Out - Go outside! Look for people doing something funny, funny occurrences, etc. The world is full of interesting people just waiting to be written about.

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How to Get Mass Attention to Your Blog

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Here's something that could be quite helpful for your blog:

If you're thinking about submitting your blog to Digg, think about this first. According to Digital Inspiration, Digg Traffic will come in a flood. But the Digg users that visit your blog will probably not end up leaving comments.

That is why you should concentrate on getting your blog noticed by important blogs and bloggers that are in your blog's niche or genre. While they may not bring lots of traffic that Digg may get you, important blogs will help draw more long-term readers to your blog. Visitors from these blogs will often leave comments.

Finally, getting a link on a good blog will help increase your Google Page Rank and give your blog more credibility.

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Some Methods to Advertise Your Blog

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With this post, I will help you advertise your blog and get it out there. There are several ways to do this, all of which have helped this blog itself rise up in Google's Pagerank.

1) Comments - Commenting on other people's blogs will draw the blog owner's to your blog as well as driving readers of those blogs to your blog (if you include your blog address). If you leave comments that are well written, nice, and coherant, people will want to check out your blog .

2) Forums - Use forums that are in your blog's niche as a way to bring in lots of visitors to your site. Be sure to include your blog's address in your signature. Be sure not to post so many times that you are spamming the board.

3) Real World - You can print up business cards and go to local shops / stores, or conferences / meetups and giveout the card with your website address on it.

4) Exchange Links - Exchanging links is VERY important and helps draw traffic to your blog which otherwise might never have found it. Personally, I only link to sites that are of good quality and also have the same niche (blogging).

Good luck!

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Why Should You Keep On Blogging?

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If you are frustrated by a lack of comments, a lack of people clicking on ads, or by a lack of plain old traffic, why should you keep blogging?

Well, for one thing, building traffic takes time. You have to post on different blogs, websites, forums, etc. to get your blog out there. No matter what type of blog you have or the subject of your blog, there are always going to be places where you can find a good amount of traffic.

If you like and have a genuine interest in what you are writing about, why care if someone reads it or not? You are putting it out there for the whole world to view, and if they view it or not, thats their business. As long as you enjoy doing it, you shouldn't stop.

Good luck blogging!

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Importance Of Unique Quality Content

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What is the most important part of search engine optimization (SEO)? The answer is easy… Unique quality content. The goal of SEO is to generate traffic on your website and the only way you will do this is if you have content that the search engines will pick up on, thereby listing your site high in their rankings.

Search engine optimization depends heavily on unique content. Make sure that the content on each of these links or pages is different from any other page on the internet. Some sites will tell you that “unique” content is content that is 30% different from any other page on the net. However, if you are truly interested in optimization, make sure that your content is your own material and is directly related to what you have to offer on your site. The biggest trick here is to consistently update your pages and add new content.

Now look at all of the content that you are posting to your site daily and ask yourself if it is optimized. If you are posting articles or blogs or starting discussion boards, are they directly related to your website content and do they contain various forms of your principle, lateral, and secondary keywords? If not, you need to rethink your strategies.

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Choose The Right Keywords For Your Content

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Everybody knows that the most important part of search engine optimization (SEO) is keyword or keyword phrase usage. To understand keyword usage, one must first have a clear understanding of what a keyword really is.

Keywords are the words that you want the search engine to pick up on as it examines your site. The problem with keywords is that very few people actually go to a search engine and input only one word. This is because single keywords produce results that are much too broad for the user. For example, suppose you want to search for shampoo. This search will generate many thousands of links to sites that sell shampoo, sites that have articles about shampoo, dictionary listings defining shampoo, FDA studies about shampoo, etc., etc. So you see that if you are looking for dandruff shampoo, then you will put in dandruff shampoo. If you want shampoo comparisons, you will most likely put those words into the search engine. Thus, it stands to reason that, unless you have a unique product that can be described in a single word, single keywords are not productive SEO strategies for most websites.

Keyword phrases are groups of two or more words that describe the products or services that you want emphasized in the search engines. However, it should be noted that caution needs to be emphasized here as well. Again, using the “dandruff shampoo” example, a search will return results for “dandruff” and for “shampoo” as well as the combination “dandruff shampoo”. This is called a general phrase and the words “dandruff” and “shampoo” are Principle Keywords. Two and three word phrases are called simple keyword phrases because they will usually generate very broad results.

Keyword phrases with four or more words, such as “decreased flaking with use of dandruff shampoo” are called complex keyword phrases because they generate very specific listings that are much more targeted to what the surfer was looking for to begin with. In addition to the principle keywords, there are also words or phrases that are descriptive in nature. These are called Lateral Keywords. Examples of Lateral Keywords would be “itching” and “dry skin”.The last type of keyword is the Secondary Keyword. They are very close in nature to the Lateral Keywords, but they cross over into markets related to your Principle Keywords. Examples of Secondary Keywords are “hair care” and “psoriasis”. The key to good content writing for SEO is to use all of these forms of keywords effectively. If you are not able to say aloud what you have written in your website without it feeling awkward, then you need to rethink it and rewrite it.

Any combinations of your keywords are going to generate some results in the search engines, provided you have not grossly overdone it. Remember though, the search engine will only generate results for the word or words that the user has entered. You must think like the customer, not the seller, when you determine what your keywords will be to maximize your SEO.

My favorite keyword research tool I use constantly is by Wordtracker which offers their Free Keyword Suggestion Tool to get an idea how popular certain keywords are.

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Beginners Affiliate Marketing Guide With ClickBank

bruce lee

I’d like to write down some simple basics of affiliate marketing especially about ClickBank but generally they can be used for any affiliate programs.There are many methods to promote an affiliate product but I shall be featuring 2 of the basic methods to start our affiliate business adventure.

1. Find a product from the marketplace in Clickbank.
2.Go and check out the sales page of that particular product and if it captivates you, most likely that is a good product to market. At this point also is imperative to do some research such as market feasibility and competitiveness.
3. Once you have made up your mind, go get the hoplink for that product or site
4. Get a blog from any free blog site such as Blogger.com
5.Post a review in your blog about the product and try to cloak your hoplink
6. Submit your non-intrusive endorsement articles from a user perspective to articles directories or Squidoo to drive traffic to your blog!
7. Then do all the selling, pitching and convincing on your blog.Close the Deal!

1. Repeat Step 1 - 3 above
2.Head over to GoDaddy.com or domain registrar that will host domains for you and purchase a short and product related domain name.
3. Once your domain name is ready, you have 2 options which is either to forward your domain to your clickbank product hoplink or create a landing page which is again similar to the method mentioned above.
4. Use any free article submitting websites, forums, chats and social networking platforms to promote your new domain.
5. You can also invest in PPC advertising such as Google Adwords if your budget permits.
6. Now after submitting, your foundation work is done. So just sit back and watch the money come strolling in while continuing to promote your new domain.

Affiliate marketing requires a lot of trial and error both in the aspect of choosing the right product and marketing process. You can use ClickBank marketplace to search by gravity to view products which are either highly or less promoted by other affiliates.

Landing pages are basically quick presell pages which has proven to be very effective. Although they serve many purposes such as using Autoresponder for products that offers free trial but mainly a landing page is going to convert for you much better than straight off linking from ads to the main site since you can play with SEO on these pages.

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Top 25 Free Directories

bruce lee

I just want to share my favorite Top 25 Free Directories thus far which are SEO friendly to submit your blogs. Please note that this list only features directories which does not require registration and it is absolutely free although you some might require you to navigate to the specific categories prior to submission or reciprocal link. I've listed them below based on their respective Pagerank and authority:

Open Directory Project
URL - http://dmoz.org/ PR - 8
URL - http://www.bloghub.com/ PR - 7
Blog Rankings
URL - http://www.blogrankings.com/ PR - 7
Blog Top Sites
URL - http://www.blogtopsites.com/ PR -
URL - http://www.bloggernity.com/ PR - 6
Busybits Web Directory
URL - http://www.busybits.com/ PR - 6
CANLink Directory
URL - http://www.canlinks.net/addalink/ PR - 6
URL - http://www.cyber-find.net/ PR - 6
Ezilon Europe
URL - http://www.ezilon.com/ PR - 6
Information Directory
URL - http://www.info-listings.com/ PR - 6
URL - http://submit2.jayde.com/ PR - 6
URL - http://www.spheri.com/d/ PR - 6
URL - http://www.abilogic.com/ PR - 5
Arakne-Links Directory
URL - http://www.arakne-links.com/submit.php PR - 5
Blog Toplist
URL - http://www.blogtoplist.com/ PR - 5
Clickey.com (note: requires independent domain name only)
URL - http://www.clickey.com/ PR - 5
CoDot Free Net Directory
URL - http://www.codot.net/ PR - 5
URL - http://www.directorybin.com/ PR - 5
URL - http://www.free-top.net/submit.html PR - 5
URL - http://www.illumirate.com/ PR -
5iServ Directory
URL - http://directory.iserv.com.au/ PR - 5
Premier Directory
URL - http://www.premierdirectory.org/ PR - 5
URL - http://searchsight.com/ PR - 5
Site Inclusion Directory
URL - http://www.siteinclusion.com/directory/add.html PR - 5
World Top Blogs
URL - http://www.worldtopblogs.com/ PR - 5

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What To Do After Your New Posting

bruce lee

Every blogger has their own marketing habits and little secrets on how they manage and market their blogs. I often wondered when I started my blogging journey what those successful probloggers do everytime right after each new posting they make. To be honest I have not fully grasp the most effective and efficient method but here is a little sharing on what I have learnt thus far.

Check Spelling and Grammar
Yes as silly as this may sound, many bloggers do not take the effort to proof read their own articles. What I always do is read through it entirely at least once from a visitor’s prospective.

Submit Interesting New Post to Social Bookmarking Sites
If you feel the new post carry lots of value to readers, then submit it to social bookmarking sites such as Digg and Delicious. Social bookmarking enable readers who are interested in the topic featured in your post to locate it easily which may not be found yet by using a search engine since it’s a new post.

Market Your Article
The main benefit both short and long term are: Traffic, Links, and Branding. With the recent hype about how duplication negatively effect Search Engine indexing, I would strongly suggest rewriting or summarizing your article prior to submitting it to Article Directories. A good place to start looking into them would be ArticleDirectories.Info.

Please feel free to share your suggestions or methods here which have worked for you.

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Know Ourselves Better and Blog Better

bruce lee

After browsing through thousands of blogs, I've come to realize that there are many types of bloggers out there. Some do it for the sole purpose of making money, some simply for passing time. There are ways of course to slightly tell the difference by their content.

This blog of mine I can honestly say is for the sole purpose of learning the concept of making money through blogging. This is where I come to share what has worked for me and review programs which have caught my attention.

Let us start evaluating ourselves with the following questions:

1.Do you blog for yourself - for entertainment, therapyor as a journal
documenting your life?2.Do you blog to earn additional income?
3.Do you blog as your only source ofincome?
4.How many blogs do you have?
5.How related are your blogs if you do havemore?

Only when we know ourselves can we sell ourselves
as the saying goes.

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Submit Your Blogs to Directories

bruce lee

So you're ready to launch your blog to the world and you keep reading about submitting to directories. Why must we do this? Well, there are two main purposes for doing this:

1.Get readers to find your blog easily.
2.Help in your Search Engine strategy.

For a start just submit your blog to as many worthy directories out there and some will require a link back to them so this might take some time to setup.

I would highly suggest starting with these blog directories listed in Google Directory . The other good recommendation would be BlogTopList.com which rank blogs based on their category and traffic.Next step requires further research work on your part. Depending on your blog topic, there might be some topic specific directories out there which you should submit your blog to as well. A good example would be Chef's Blog Directory if your blog is about food and iTravelnet.com if it is about Travel.

Generally it takes time for your blog to be listed but do not despair and check on your submissions a few days later. Good Luck!

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Writing Catchy Blog Content

bruce lee

Earlier we talked about finding a niche topic to start off your blog which is a very crucial component. Today let’s look at content and making it interesting to attract loyal readership .

First and foremost give your content a catchy short and sweet title. This will determine if the reader will be interested in what you have to say further. There is no right or wrong way of naming your title but do bear in mind to keep it simple and straight to the point. You can also include some keywords in the title for search engine purposes. Always remember that your title acts as a doorway to your content so make it interesting and grab the attention of your potential readers and make them keen to read more.

Of course the best title needs awesome content as well . Now is the time to show your ideas and opinions to the world and make sure you make full use of this opportunity.

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Earn Money Writing Reviews

bruce lee

So you've been putting in lots of work on your blog and typing entries after entries… well here is a fantastic service which pays you for your reviews and opinions. Cool huh? You can check them out at ReviewMe.com

The concept behind ReviewMe is very simple. Bloggers get paid to review services, products or Web sites that are of interest to the readers. In the opposite way advertisers will benefit from valuable exposure, feedback, viral buzz and they will also gain more traffic to their Web sites.

Advertisers will have to pay one-time fee per review starting from $40. Bloggers will earn between $20 and $200 for each completed review and are required to disclose that the reviews that they write are sponsored posts. The costs are calculated different for each blog based on statistics from Alexa, Technorati and estimated RSS subscribers.

So what are you waiting for? Get paid to review services and Web sites that are of interest to your readers today!

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Niche Blogging is the key

bruce lee

Ensuring the longterm success of your blog or site, one of the first thing you must do prior to your blogging journey is to figure out what your blog is goin to be all about. Try doing a little research prior to starting off your blog and look for hot topics, issues or products that people are searching for.

Whatever topic you decide to go with, do ensure that it is of your interest and you have a good knowledge of it or else you will not be succeed.

Good Luck in your Earn Money Blogging Adventures!