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What To Do After Your New Posting

bruce lee

Every blogger has their own marketing habits and little secrets on how they manage and market their blogs. I often wondered when I started my blogging journey what those successful probloggers do everytime right after each new posting they make. To be honest I have not fully grasp the most effective and efficient method but here is a little sharing on what I have learnt thus far.

Check Spelling and Grammar
Yes as silly as this may sound, many bloggers do not take the effort to proof read their own articles. What I always do is read through it entirely at least once from a visitor’s prospective.

Submit Interesting New Post to Social Bookmarking Sites
If you feel the new post carry lots of value to readers, then submit it to social bookmarking sites such as Digg and Delicious. Social bookmarking enable readers who are interested in the topic featured in your post to locate it easily which may not be found yet by using a search engine since it’s a new post.

Market Your Article
The main benefit both short and long term are: Traffic, Links, and Branding. With the recent hype about how duplication negatively effect Search Engine indexing, I would strongly suggest rewriting or summarizing your article prior to submitting it to Article Directories. A good place to start looking into them would be ArticleDirectories.Info.

Please feel free to share your suggestions or methods here which have worked for you.
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