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Know Ourselves Better and Blog Better

bruce lee

After browsing through thousands of blogs, I've come to realize that there are many types of bloggers out there. Some do it for the sole purpose of making money, some simply for passing time. There are ways of course to slightly tell the difference by their content.

This blog of mine I can honestly say is for the sole purpose of learning the concept of making money through blogging. This is where I come to share what has worked for me and review programs which have caught my attention.

Let us start evaluating ourselves with the following questions:

1.Do you blog for yourself - for entertainment, therapyor as a journal
documenting your life?2.Do you blog to earn additional income?
3.Do you blog as your only source ofincome?
4.How many blogs do you have?
5.How related are your blogs if you do havemore?

Only when we know ourselves can we sell ourselves
as the saying goes.

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