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Submit Your Blogs to Directories

bruce lee

So you're ready to launch your blog to the world and you keep reading about submitting to directories. Why must we do this? Well, there are two main purposes for doing this:

1.Get readers to find your blog easily.
2.Help in your Search Engine strategy.

For a start just submit your blog to as many worthy directories out there and some will require a link back to them so this might take some time to setup.

I would highly suggest starting with these blog directories listed in Google Directory . The other good recommendation would be BlogTopList.com which rank blogs based on their category and traffic.Next step requires further research work on your part. Depending on your blog topic, there might be some topic specific directories out there which you should submit your blog to as well. A good example would be Chef's Blog Directory if your blog is about food and iTravelnet.com if it is about Travel.

Generally it takes time for your blog to be listed but do not despair and check on your submissions a few days later. Good Luck!
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