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What is Google Pagerank and How Does it Work?

bruce lee

Pagerank is an important component in the algorithm that Google uses when deciding how "relevant" a site is compared to the search words that are being used.

It is fairly simple to determine what pageranking your site has - just go to Google-pagerank and type in the URL of your site.

Pagerank goes from 0 - 10 with 10 being the best. Pagerank is worked out by how many good quality sites are linked in to yours and how many good quality sites you link out to. It is not just a matter of having 100's of links, the quality of the site determines the weight of each link, linking to "bad" sites can actually penalize you. (i.e if your page links to sites under penalty or ban, this can negatively impact the linking page’s search ranking.)

If your website has a pagerank of 0 there is no reason to be concerned, you will still show up in Googles search results, however you just may not rank as highly as other similar sites that have been around for longer and may have a better network of quality links.

The best way to improve your Google Pagerank is to provide links to quality content sites, and have good content sites link back to you - lots of them!

More information at Google by clicking here.
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