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When You Have No Idea About What to Write...

bruce lee

So you're writing good, quality blogs everyday. You have a strong readership. You sit down at your computer, take a sip of your favorite drink. But you can't think of what to write. What you should do then? Here are some tips:

Your Comments - Look at the comments your readers have left you. Somewhere inside those comments are inspiration for to take and run with.

Visit Other People's Blogs - If it is a random blog, or a favorite blog, looking at other blogs will help you generate ideas immensely. Don't just read the posts, read the comments.

Visit Websites - Look at news websites, find a story, and stick your opinion into it.

Make a Top 10 List. Make it about quotes from a TV show, or something else that has to do with your blog.

Go Out - Go outside! Look for people doing something funny, funny occurrences, etc. The world is full of interesting people just waiting to be written about.
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