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Beginners Affiliate Marketing Guide With ClickBank

bruce lee

I’d like to write down some simple basics of affiliate marketing especially about ClickBank but generally they can be used for any affiliate programs.There are many methods to promote an affiliate product but I shall be featuring 2 of the basic methods to start our affiliate business adventure.

1. Find a product from the marketplace in Clickbank.
2.Go and check out the sales page of that particular product and if it captivates you, most likely that is a good product to market. At this point also is imperative to do some research such as market feasibility and competitiveness.
3. Once you have made up your mind, go get the hoplink for that product or site
4. Get a blog from any free blog site such as Blogger.com
5.Post a review in your blog about the product and try to cloak your hoplink
6. Submit your non-intrusive endorsement articles from a user perspective to articles directories or Squidoo to drive traffic to your blog!
7. Then do all the selling, pitching and convincing on your blog.Close the Deal!

1. Repeat Step 1 - 3 above
2.Head over to GoDaddy.com or domain registrar that will host domains for you and purchase a short and product related domain name.
3. Once your domain name is ready, you have 2 options which is either to forward your domain to your clickbank product hoplink or create a landing page which is again similar to the method mentioned above.
4. Use any free article submitting websites, forums, chats and social networking platforms to promote your new domain.
5. You can also invest in PPC advertising such as Google Adwords if your budget permits.
6. Now after submitting, your foundation work is done. So just sit back and watch the money come strolling in while continuing to promote your new domain.

Affiliate marketing requires a lot of trial and error both in the aspect of choosing the right product and marketing process. You can use ClickBank marketplace to search by gravity to view products which are either highly or less promoted by other affiliates.

Landing pages are basically quick presell pages which has proven to be very effective. Although they serve many purposes such as using Autoresponder for products that offers free trial but mainly a landing page is going to convert for you much better than straight off linking from ads to the main site since you can play with SEO on these pages.
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