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Get more than 45000 visitors per month

bruce lee

I surfed around the web and spotted a blogger saying he get 50,000 visitors per month doing blog carnival article submission. Just before I let you know who he is, I’d like to discuss a bit why blog carnivals will help us get tremendous blog traffic.

What is a blog carnival? How does blog carnival work? How will it give us this huge blog traffic? A Blog Carnival is a particular kind of blog community. There are many kinds of blogs, and they contain articles on many kinds of topics. Blog Carnivals typically collect together links pointing to blog articles on a particular topic. It is an event, like a magazine. It explores a particular topic or niche and is published monthly, weekly or whenever the editors decides really.

A blog carnival offer huge advantages for the Online Community, it allows you to submit your related articles and have them seen by a wider audience, perhaps attracting more users to your own blog. Carnivals are easy ways to get excellent one way inbound links and traffic, and best of all, they are free. When you are just starting out or maybe still want more blog traffic you can take the full advantage of blog carnivals. All you have to do is to find the appropriate carnivals for your niche and submit your best blog posts.

By submitting your best blog posts to the carnival of your niche you can pick up dozens or even hundreds of new subscribers from each round of carnival submission making it a good place to start your marketing campaign.Steve Pavlina in one of his post said:

"In my early traffic-building days, I’d do carnivals submissions once a week, and it helped a great deal in going from nothing to about 50,000 visitors per month. You still have to produce great content, but carnivals give you a free shot at marketing your unknown blog for free.

Carnivals are like an open-mic night at a comedy club - they give amateurs a chance to show off their stuff. I still submit to certain carnivals every once in a while, but now my traffic is so high that relatively speaking, they don’t make much difference anymore."

So, what are you waiting for? Go, find the blog carnivals of your niche and start submitting your best posts. You will be surprise of how much blog traffic you will be getting here. Good luck!
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