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Top 10 Tips For Blogging Beginners

bruce lee

Blogger.com offer free blogs and are cost effective for beginners. You'll be able to practice without expense. In addition, blogger offers a toolbar that makes it easy to post right from a webpage while surfing!

Give thought to subject matter before you start. Your subject will be the first part of your blog address. An organized blog will keep the interest alive.

Keep your personal and business life in separate blogs. Nothing is quite as frustrating as searching for a business related blog and finding unrelated personal posts.

Write so surfers can scan your copy. Paragraphs separated with subject headlines versus essay style. Paragraphs of three to four sentences are easy to scan.

Your keyword is simply your subject. Attempt to use it as the first word in your headline and again in the first sentence in your first paragraph.

Try to link within the paragraph to related products or content. An anecdote or quote is a nice finishing touch.

Use a font big enough to read. Think of it this way - the boomers are in a position to spend. One day you might want to sell on your blog - what if they can't read it?

Blog rolls are a series of links to other interesting blogs. Content would be easier to find if separated by subject matter.

As you read other blogs, take note of their style, content and organization. Emulate those you like. What works and what doesn't?

Take advantage of technology in your new blog. Practice posting photos, using other methods to post and setting up your sidebars during the first few months.
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