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Use Blog To Help Rise Your Search Engine Ranking

bruce lee

One most important way to help increase web traffic is by link development. A typical way is by link exchange which is not a good practice especially if you are exchanging links with sites with unrelated topic. Your ranking will not benefit or even get harm by SE if you have a website about dogs but exchange links with an online casino. Search Engines will detect that and knows that you are doing unnatural link exchange.

blog - add value to your website Now it comes another way of smart link building - blogging. You can create a blog and write related topics about your website. You can posts links to your website pages, of couse dont make it appear that you are ad marketing your website.

Index your website quickly blogger.com is a best place to create your blog as it is owned by google. All blogs in blogger.com are automatically included into the crawler. You dont need to submit your blog to google to ask for inclusion. In this way if you have a new website and wish to be indexed by google in a quick way, conside creating a blog there !

More backlinks You may choose to host your blog in your own domain, or you can let them host it for you. In either case you are probably using another subdomain (e.g. blog.yoursite.com, yoursite.blogspot.com). Search engine sees subdomains as separate websites. So any links from the blog to your main website would be valuable and not counted as internal links. This naturally increases your SERP.

More Traffic People like to see blogs, as they are more human. Keep your blog content fresh and frequently updated. This can grant you a new source of traffic. Dont underestimate the traffic that a blog can bring you. If you have a product related page, it is strongly suggested you write comments and some product reviews on your blog.

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