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Ways to get a Website Indexed Fast

bruce lee

To get indexed fast, I recommend you start a blog on your
site. Once you have built the basic barebones website (Main page,
a dozen content pages, and a sitemap linking them
together, it’s time to get indexed in the search engines.

You can “submit” your site to the search engines if you
wish, but that is too slow. Here’s where the blog comes into play… post articles or
messages to your blog on a daily basis, and don’t miss a
day for the first few weeks at least. The posts must be
interesting, and relevant to your site.

Configure your blog to automaticlly “ping” the blog
directories every time you publish a new post.

Here’s what happens… Google, Yahoo, MSN and the other
search engines are always looking for fresh content to
serve up to their search visitors or clients, and one place
they look for fresh content is in blogs. Search engines
absolutely love blogs, because they are dynamic — updated
on a regular basis by their owners – as apposed to normal
website pages which largely remain static – unchanged for
months on end.

If you update your blog every day by adding fresh articles
or other content, the search engines will notice, and they
will soon be visiting your blog every day like clockwork.

The search engines keep a cache of every web page in their

And that’s how easy it is to get indexed fast.
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