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Blogger or WordPress?

bruce lee

If you want to set up a free hosted blog there are a large number of services to choose from. This article is about the easiest one to use (Blogger.com) and the most versatile system (Wordpress.com).

If you have web space with unrestricted FTP access, Blogger can upload your blog to that address. If you have web space with PHP and MySQL, you can install WordPress on your own site without the need to sign up at Wordpress.com.

The original BlogSpot publishing system was slower than Wordpress. If you made a minor change to your template and decided to republish the entire blog it could take several minutes, depending on the number of entries. The new Blogger system overcomes this problem by generating pages dynamically. You'll need a Google Account to use it.

Both Blogger and Wordpress can be configured to allow visitors to post comments, and both have features to moderate comments and combat spam.
Blogger is easier to use

The BlogSpot system has fewer configuration settings than Wordpress. However, if you want to set up a team blog, or allow user participation, WordPress can assign different roles to individual members:
can do everything -- switch themes, activate plugins, edit files, etc.
can edit other people's posts and can manage categories, links, comments, and pages.
can publish posts.
can draft posts but not publish them.
can only edit his or her own profile.

You can set up team blogs on Blogger, but there are only two roles: Administrators and non-Administrators.
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