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Is High PR Form Helpful?

bruce lee

Q:Will posting my links in forums work at all? I visit a lot of forums so would this help at all?

A:Yes, provided you keep your links to your signatures, and actually post something useful. Otherwise, you will just annoy people.

Q:Will I get banned from a lot of forums?

A:That depends on your forum. A lot of forum owners take a dim view of link-dropping, where someone (or some bot) signs up, leaves their link, and posts nothing at all of use. So the admin responds by disallowing signatures and discouraging all linking out.

Other forums welcome sig links, because they encourage people to post. They recognise it as part of the give and take of the web. But very few admins allow this without some sort of condition. They may not allow adult links, for instance, or you have to have a certain post count without too many "me too" posts.

Links from forums can be a useful part of your strategy, and you're missing out on a lot if you follow Quadrille's advice and ignore them altogether. But use them wisely and in moderation, following the rules of each community, if you don't want to end up with a reputation as a spammer.

Q:Are links from a forum (even one that does not utilise nofollow) really has very little value?

A:That depends on the forum, and how related it is to your website. People do sell their signature links, so they must have value to some people. The going rate is around 30 to 40 cents per post per month.
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