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Make Money Online Is Easy, Why Many People Failed

bruce lee

While many people are convinced to start online business, most of them actually failed and stopped trying to make money online. Why is this so? Let’s find out below.

Just think about this realistic step-by-step scenario of a typical making-money-online method:

So many people are coming online everyday.
Google Adwords is the fastest way to get your word out to the mass out there.
Creating Your Pre-selling pages to aim for a click-through to the sales pages.
Sales pages are there to convince the prospects into customers.

It is no wonder many people are convinced to make money online, but only a few managed to make it…

Things to note when You Are Going For An Internet Affiliate Opportunity

Find out who the target market is.
The more specific that you define your target market, the better marketing strategy you will be able to adopt. Don’t believe in any Internet opportunity that tells you about easy money and not to worry about the traffic… If traffic is not to worry about, probably you might want to ask how you are going to get your traffic to buy or refer products because it might be a scam.

Find out how your marketing strategy is going to work.
Most likely, you will be asked to do Pay-Per-Click campaigns. If that is the case, you might want to drop the whole idea because the author doesn’t care about your marketing costs at all when he is promoting a product which he probably claims to sell very well and hence you will have a very tough competitors bidding for the converting keywords! This leads to a very high cost per click, and might not be profitable.

Find out how effective your landing page is in clicking-through.
How many percent of your visitors are clicking through to see the products? If it is not that much, you might have to do lots of tuning until it works!Find out how effective your merchant’s sales page is. Are you convinced to buy the product yourself? If not, you might want to drop the idea.

Find out how good the product is.
It is very important to know how good the product is for the customers. Just imagine all your hard work going down to drain when the customers are busy doing refunds for bad products.
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