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Make Money Online with Network Marketing

bruce lee

Is it really possible to make money online with network marketing?

Long gone are the days of recruiting (”pestering”) friends, family and colleagues to join the next “big opportunity”. Although, face to face sponsorship is still an effective means of growing your business, we no longer face those limits. Now, today’s network marketer has the entire world available at his or her own desktop.

But, with so many mlm (multi-level marketing) companies out there, how do I find the good opportunities? If you really want to make money online with network marketing, you have to look at three key factors:

1) How old is the company? The older the company is, generally means more stability. However, companies that are 10 years or older, generally are more saturated. Companies that are brand new (6 months to 1 year) are generally easier to grow. The key is to look for a company that is atleast 2 years old, but not over 10 years.

2) What is the product? Does the company have a unique product or idea, or is it just the same old thing that others are marketing.

If we are using the power of the internet to market our business, doesn’t it make sense to utilize that same technology for the product itself? My personal preference is digital products and services (for example, domains and web hosting), that can be delivered worldwide, instantly.

3) What is the commission plan? To make money online with network marketing, it is imperative that the commission plan be simple, easy to understand, easy to duplicate and above all, easy to explain. There are several types of commission plans being used today in mlm. However, the easiest to understand and explain is know as the “unilateral” or “unilevel” system.

With that said, no matter what company you decide to join, always research every opportunity, to make sure it is right for you.
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