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Something About Self Promotion

bruce lee

Self promotion. This is usually the first and most often lasting way many bloggers get their sites up and running. After all who knows what is worth reading on your own site better than you? Even the big names in online marketing advocate self-promotion. So why is it that sites like Digg and Reddit penalize those who try and self promote?

I am sure there are lots of arguments on both sides but the reality is blogs self promote. They use services like Digg and Reddit to get their name and links out in front of readers who might never otherwise discover them in that endless mire known as Blogosphere.

You use a variety of methods to try and increase your traffic and increase your exposure. Some of those methods include promoting your new stories on sites like Digg and Reddit. Everyone knows the benefits of getting a story “Dugg” as the saying goes. It means traffic and exposure. If the story is worthy and those who find your site through Digg, or whichever service you use, “digg” it again your count goes up and you move higher up the ladder. Enough “digs” and you are on the front page with more traffic than your shared hosting service can probably handle.

Of course it is kind of like dropping a rock in a pond. The rock creates a disturbance, the disturbance creates a small wave, the small way creates another wave, and then another on and on. Eventually without any further motivation the waves stop and the pond is still again, same thing with digging a story. The first digg is the stone in the pond, and the readers it generates are the first wave. If they like it and digg it there is more motivation and more readers. On and on until the readers stop digging it and the pond settles back. So there is the analogy, they both start with some action. Without that action, there is no result.

Digging your own story or any other type of self promotion will only get you so far. The readers decide if it is worthy of being moved up. If it is great and the exposure grows. If not it drops off and is replaced by better content. So am I for self-promotion? Of course! I believe when done with restraint it is a great way to get your site noticed.
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