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Easy Money

bruce lee

There are so many ways to make money off the Internet, we couldn’t start listing them all if we wanted too. Instead we’ll give you the lowdown of a few of the methods we use to get rich . One of the things you have to keep in mind is that you need to offer something people actually need and want. Here’s one for you; Someone in school is trying to access their MySpace or Bebo page to keep in touch with their friends but those sites are blocked because you’re supposed to be studying in school, not be naughty and browse websites. Hah! Here’s the answer for that problem. There are certain websites out there that provide just what they need, a proxy. You enter the website address of where you want to go and they’ll take you there.
We won’t go into technical mumbojumbo but get straight down to the money making part.

Huh? What? Where?

To know what we are talking about we’ve selected a couple of examples of proxy sites. Have a look at Sheetr.com and bobjones.name to see what we’re talking about. How long do you think it takes to get a site up like that? 10 minutes max. You should have a dedicated server or at least a VPS (Virtual Private Server) because Proxy sites tend to use quite a bit of bandwidth. The webroot folder holds nothing more than a CSS Style sheet, an index and a config file. Nothing big, nothing fancy. You can find the files over here. I’m not going to explain how ad sense works because you really should know.

How much does a proxy site make?

Well that depends on a lot of different things. Most important is the time of year. Right now school’s out and there’s not much need for proxies so you’re not gonna see a lot of visitors. Another thing to remember is the fact that Adsense works with keywords it finds on your site. Be sure to add enough relevant text so your Ads won be a waste of time. We don’t get rich of our proxies but the money earned adds up to something nice.

So why doesn’t everyone create proxies?

Loads of people do actually, it will never stop because school network admins are constantly on the lookout for proxies to add to their filters. If you want a slight chance of survival, try to get a catchy domain name without the word proxy in it as these are almost automagically banned.

Pros and Cons?

+You’re making money from your proxy site without any real work required.
+You’re getting your domain indexed in Google and linked back to so it’s value increases.

-You might get the domain banned on a lot of schools and office networks.
-Like we said before, proxy sites chew a lot of bandwidth. Make sure you put a limit on the usage each month so you won’t run out for your other sites.
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