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You Have Nothing To Loose

bruce lee

You have nothing to lose! How many times have you thought about opening your own business? 5 times, 10 times, 100 times? Today is your day. Stop letting your dreams collect dust, and choke us all to death when you dust them off with I coulda, shoulda, and other high school has been rants! After all the worst thing that could happen if your business fails is that you have to go and find a job or go back to the job you were unhappy at. Starting a business will only increase your skill set, enhance your resume and increase your chances of success in the future. Plus its cool, fashionable, and profitable!

Here are the facts or as I like to say a crash course in reality!

Two-thirds of millionaires are entrepreneurs, according to Thomas Stanley and William Dank, authors of The Millionaire Mind.

You receive not only a salary, but also a lot of money if you sell your company or take it public. Or did you want to be “comfortable”? Comfortable is working at a job for 40 years, having just enough retirement to last about 5 years, then having to choose between going back out in the workforce at age 70 or eating cat food!

Operating a profitable business in the long term is less risky than being an employee in the long term. Business owners are the last people to go down with a ship if business turns bad. Or is your ambition to be another corporate employee victim, losing your 401K after the top executives decide to give themselves a no interest 300 million dollar loan or cash out their millions in stock?
So what does it take to be a successful entrepreneur? Glad you asked:

Self-Control – You can’t buy every computer application, hire every consultant, go out partying all the time or watch TV during business hours, you need self control! Especially for those of us looking to strike it rich in the platinum mines of Web 2.0. There are a ton of distractions on the web and the most successful out there have control and focus. Do you?

Self-Confidence – You have to tackle ALL your problems immediately with confidence and persistence in your pursuit of your company’s objectives. If you are a chicken in the world of business, prepare to be some savvy wolves dinner as they devour your next great idea.

Sense of Urgency – You must have drive and high energy levels, be achievement-oriented, and be tireless in trying to achieve your goals. Things change fast on the internet, I mean like by the hour or minute ! So in order to cut it here you gotta strike quick, cash in and reassess the plan. You can learn plenty of that right here at JohnCow.com. Cash Cows can run fast, if you wanna milk it you have to be on your toes partner!

Realism - Entrepreneurs accept things as they are and deal with them accordingly. They may or may not be idealistic, but they are seldom unrealistic. Look don’t come out the gate thinking your gonna strike a deal of myspace, google, or yahoo proportions out the gate. Know what you don’t know.

Emotional Stability - Entrepreneurs have a considerable amount of self-control and can handle business pressures. They are comfortable in stressful situations and are enthralled rather than discouraged by setbacks or failures.

Still need inspiration? Stick around, we are just starting to have fun at the Cow!
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