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How Long Before Your Blog Will Start Making Money?

bruce lee

A lot of new bloggers seem to think that once you’ve setup your blogspot.com account and you’ve written your first article, you’re set. Slap a couple of ads on and you can start planning your early retirement. If only..

The only thing that will make your blog money is you. Setting up the blog and providing it with (good or interesting) content is only half the the work. You’re going to have to sell yourself the best way you can –with your words.

Now, when you say you want to make money off your blog, we’re assuming that you’re talking at least 4 figures per month. Enough to buy that new iMac at the end of the month. Enough to book a long weekend to a sunny holiday resort. Enough to put a dent in your credit card balance. Your blog will convert the amount of time you put into it into cold hard cash. Like everything else in life, the harder you work, the better the results will be in the end.

Now, a lot of you are undoubtedly hard workers. You’re sacrificing quality time away from your partner, your friends and your xbox just so you can keep those articles coming. But how many of you are patient enough to sit through your first couple of months where you won’t make more than a couple of cents per day by some lost soul who clicked on your adsense by accident? Not that many! Once a new blogger start to realize that it takes hard work to make a name for yourself, most of them will try their luck elsewhere in search for the mighty dollar.

We might be doing alright with this young blog ourselves –nearly $6000,00 in our first three months, but we’ve been lucky that a silly idea we had turned out to be hit. We’d most likely not be making these amounts of money if we’d have a different domain.

The big time bloggers that you see making loads of cash are the ones that were patient and clever enough to see that the money will come if you hang in there. What it really comes down to is mentality. You’ll need to have a long term vision. We’re not saying you need to set yourself any goals, but just keep going. Look at us — we didn’t have a plan when we started a couple of months ago and we still don’t have one. All our posts are acts of random outbursts of “creativity”. We’re impulsive bloggers but we keep plowing and we’re convinced that eventually our ship will come in.

So how long before your blog will start making money? Its all up to you. Don’t sit around, writing post after post –hoping somewhere along the way people will start throwing you money. Be proactive and get out there. Let the world know how great your blog is, how harrd you’re working to make it a success. People will notice you and you will need to grab your chance to sell those ad spots, reviews and text links.

Don’t just let it happen, make it happen.


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