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DIY: Get The Top Spot On Google

bruce lee

OK, not really the top spot but first page at least. While the entire internet is waiting for a PR update to increase their advertising rates, and get some gratification from a green line on a toolbar, there are other ways to please your ego with Google. By getting to the top of Organic Search Results.

Getting to the top of Organic Search Results

I’m not going to beat the dead horse of “content is king” again, it’s been done like a million times already. Instead, I’ll tell how to get your original content hopefully to the first page of Google. It helps if your blog is a bit older than yesterday, and has some sort of link authority.

Currently, I rank on the first page for quite a few search terms, that have results in the millions/billions on Google. Some of my single post pages get close to 100 - 300 visits a day, netting me some good money as well. Here are a few posts that I rank on the first page for -

increase blog rankings
remote pc via internet
lacoste sale {who would’ve thought?!}

and many many more. There are few other top notch ones as well, visit my blog to have a browse around.

All I did was link to those pages from my homepage, which subsequently gets linked across all my single post pages. It’s also good to periodically link to them via separate posts as well. Give Google a couple of weeks to get things together and you should start seeing traffic for those posts. This won’t work if you have a new blog, don’t have at least a few links pointing to you, and don’t have other relevant content.

Most of you are probably saying this is not gold information, everyone uses popular posts across their blog? What are you trying to pull? True - they do use a popular post plugin or etc…BUT they link to it with the entire headline of the post. Nobody really searches for "29 reasons why my blog is better than yours" at least not in the hundreds everyday.

What I did was link to my posts with a keyword rich link and then provide a small description.

It’s not all Black and White

It seems all too easy, when in fact it is not. To get to that point where I can hopefully try and rank higher for any specific keyword, purely by using only my site, took almost a year of pumping out daily content, getting linked from other top sites and bloggers as well as some social bookmarking success.

It just takes a little bit of time.

Negative Impact

This can also have a negative impact though as your posts get popular and highly indexed, it attracts scrappers. Some of my content has been scrapped innumerable times and re-posted everywhere. Sending emails to take down can only get so many results. So if you do plan on getting to the number 1 page for a search term, plan on dealing with the consequences of spam as well.

So far this method has worked for me, although it does take a couple of weeks before you see any results. And for God sake don’t everybody link to themselves with - Make Money Online.

Written by Hyder, who blogs at Everybody Go To.
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